January 20, 2008

This year promises to be a great year. World is indeed a global village. Things are moving faster and faster.

We are in the era of “e-everything”, if i’m allowed to use the phrase.

i was recently introduced to e-investment (ways in which you can invest in some companies on-line). At first i was reluctant to do it, particularly after i lost a couple of box in some on-line programs. But i got to realise that, like any other type of investment, the key is understanding how it all works.

i am pleased to report that i have actually started making money online with some of these programs. i will definitely be placing some of them on this website as soon as possible.

Information is power


The New Nigerian Club

January 9, 2008

The New Nigeria club isĀ  club that offers a lot to its members, ranging from different deals to activities that makes one feel fulfilled. i am really glad i belong to this club. i will be publishing quite a lot of things about this great club in the near future on this page, so please stay tuned to this website.

In the meantime you can check the following link to learn more about this great club http://www.newnigeriaclub.net/generaldeals-bildor.htm